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OdNu – ‘Lejano’


‘Lejano’ will be the latest album to be released on Girasol Music, coming August 2017; written and produced by Michel Mazza, the New York-based ambient and experimental musician under the name of OdNu.… Continue reading

Floor Overhead – ‘Uses For Pavement’


‘Uses For Pavement’ received its release on Whitelabrecs towards the end of June. Brooklyn-based Andrew Farwell makes use of processed and re-purposed guitar recordings that were once discarded. Such recycling of recorded sounds often… Continue reading

Grounding Sounds 005: Byron Christodoulou


Grounding Sounds number five is from Byron Christodoulou. For those not familiar with Byron, perhaps you may recognise some of his many projects. He is from Greece, has lived in many places, but currently… Continue reading