Grounding Sounds

Grounding Sounds is a mix series established in 2012 with the express aim of showcasing the music that captured experimental artists and labels. It draws inspiration from the famous Back To Mine compilations that started in 1999 and aims to use Mixcloud to offer a similar service as an internet ‘radio show’ stream.

Grounding Sounds used to be a stand-alone site away from Irregular Crates but run by the same people. Once we started Irregular Crates it got neglected so we made the decision to migrate everything to Irregular Crates so it’s all in the same place. That way, we should be able to continue adding to the series.

As you listen to these shows, it is hoped that you will discover new and incredible music across all genres.
Our policy is to be open minded and free from rules.
Artists will present the ‘special’ records in their collection in either a one or two part mix. The mixes may not be seamless in terms of the transitions but this is not important. The music will play as a radio show, designed to enable you to discover what inspired your favourite musicians and labels.

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