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Lars Lundehave Hansen – Recursive Abstractions


I recently had the great pleasure of spending a few days with danish sound artist Lars Lundehave Hansen. It went beyond the traditional listener-musician relationship, I will disclose. Not in any dubious way… Continue reading

Jacek Doroszenko – Wide Grey


  Eilean have done it again, with another fine release from an up-and-coming, talented sound artist. The label covers a variety of sounds and styles and in Wide Grey, they welcome the ingenious… Continue reading

Ezekiel Honig – A Passage Of Concrete


Ezekiel Honig’s ‘Folding In On Itself‘ is an all-time classic for us, in minimal sound art as it blurred the lines between Ambient, Electro-Acoustic composition and Lo-Fi Techno. In ‘A Passage Of Concrete‘… Continue reading