ICP020 Irregular Crates Podcast 020

It’s been forever since we put up a show on our Mixcloud account – last year in fact! So we thought we’d invite DJ/Producer Magnofon to hit record and spin some vinyl. Magnofon… Continue reading

Light Of Woods – Field Notes

Another recent discovery as a result of aimless Bandcamp scouring, we happened across the work of ‘Light Of Woods’ and were particularly impressed with ‘Field Notes’, released on Canadian imprint ‘Other Songs Music… Continue reading

E and I – The Colour Of Sound

Eilean have become one of the mainstay labels of the modern Ambient music scene over the last year or so, with pretty much every one of their hand-assembled releases selling out. They’ve managed… Continue reading

Pascal Pinon – Sundur

There’s always such a wealth of emerging talent from Iceland with artists such as Johann Johannsson, Hildur Gudnadottir and Olafur Arnalds having received critical acclaim in recent years. The latest discovery, at least… Continue reading

Ralegh Long – Hoverance

I was scouring the net for some new music to load the iPod with and in the Boomkat feed for recent releases was Ralegh Long’s ‘We Are In The Fields’ and I immediately… Continue reading

Various Artists – Orbital Planes & Passenger Trains Vol. 1

We were recently sent a digital version of the wonderful new compilation album on Serein, Orbital Planes & Passenger Trains Vol 1. The album is available on a range of formats, including vinyl… Continue reading

Will Samson – Lua

Now it’s records like this that have been responsible in the past for our lengthy reviews and ramblings – the very thing that has slowed this blog down over the last 12 months.… Continue reading

Jameson Nathan Jones – Of Past & Present

A short record we’ve been enjoying this year is this Modern Classical EP from Jameson Nathan Jones, a composer from Mississippi. The five pieces are short or radio length but delicately weave a… Continue reading

Foans – Lost Steps

We were considering relaunching this blog this summer and rebranding it ‘neglected crates’, given that we’ve barely managed any posts this year! We’ve launched a new record label however, so spare time for… Continue reading

Western Skies Motel – Settlers

This year so far we’ve been very poor in posting up album/music recommendations so there’s quite a backlog to work to! Apologies to any labels that we’ve not got round to supporting with… Continue reading