The Frozen Vaults – The Machine Stops

Another addition to the fabulous ‘Book Report Series’ on Wist Rec, ‘The Machine Stops’ is an interpretation from modern classical quintet The Frozen Vaults. We are anticipating their long overdue debut album but until now, we have heard glimpses of their work through compilation and remix inclusions for the likes of Hibernate, Time Released Sound and Field Rotation.

Their sound is characterised by the three musicians that take centre stage (Yuki Murata, Tomasz Mrenca & Dave Dhonau) who each operate with much restrain. This allows the Vaults’ material to really build in atmosphere, all the while punctuated by the sensitive electronic, acoustic and arrangement talents of Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq) and Harry Towell (Spheruleus).

‘The Machine Stops’ is a sound report on E.M Forster’s short story of the same name, which is set in the future when technology has taken over completely. Interestingly, this debut release from The Frozen Vaults maintains its modern classical stance on composition – which creates a juxtaposition to the subject matter of the novel. Somehow, it manages to absolutely carry the essence of this tale regardless.

To grab a copy of this release before it sells out, click HERE or on the image above. You can stream samples from this 3″ CDr via the Soundcloud player below