End Of 2013: House and Techno tracks (part 1 of 4)

House Tracks
I’ve spent a lot of this year keeping my eye on EP releases in the Deep House and Techno scene and I have to admit, I didn’t buy a lot of vinyl this year which is to my regret. However, I’ve bought a lot of digital tracks as I have made a few mixes with my involvement with Warehouse Decay so I have kept my fingers very much on the pulse.

This next post cross sections my favourite digital discoveries in the Deep House and Techno genres, which I have presented in a mix which you can listen to by clicking the image above. The tracklist for the mix is on the Mixcloud page and in this post, I have listen the tracks in order of preference. You can listen/purchase each track by clicking the link provided

01: Wandoe – Want You Back [Something Else]
02: Moomin – You Neva Know [Closer]
03: Borrowed Identity – Feel Like Makin’ Love [Quintessentials]
04: ManooZ & Timmy P – Feel [Tomorrow Is Now, Kid]
05: James Dexter – Only You [Large Music]
06: Kuba Sojka – You Can’t Take It (Soul Mix) [Dogmatik]
07: Trumpet & Badman – Love Keeps Changing [Hot Haus]
08: Deymare – While She Danced [Music With Content]
09: Hans Thalau – 013 1 [Thal Communications]
10: Lukas – Drunken Master [Futureboogie Recordings]
11: Youandewan – You Dont [Simple]
12: Max Graef – Ignorance Is Bliss [Heist Recordings]
13: Sakro – The One (Remix) [Hausworx]
14: Liam Geddes – I Got Something Here [Music Is Love]
15: Lockwood – Don’t You Know [Midnight Love Club]