Spheruleus – Peripheres

We recently posted about a new digital release from Spheruleus, ‘Chronota’. Digital music from Spheruleus has become pretty much the norm in recent years as the artist has concentrated on occasional self released works via his own imprints. Yesterday marked the pre-order of the first Spheruleus physical release in almost 2 years; a highly limited edition album called ‘Peripheres’ available on Eilean Records.
This comes in a run of just 90 copies available to the world, featuring artwork by Slovakian photographer Peter Nejedly. The work is completely different from a lot of Spheruleus material in that Harry strives to create more rhythm based music yet still underpinned by the usual electro-acoustic instrument sounds he’s renowned for.

To check it out, hit play above or click HERE to be directed to the release page

‘Peripheres’ is a series of short sketches rooted in lo-fi sound design and influenced by the fenland landscape in which the artist resides. Harry has coined the phrase ‘periphere’ to refer to the large array of small streams and dykes which cut through the vast and numerous fields of the Lincolnshire fens.
The music contained in Peripheres is born out of a desire to create shorter, more melodic structures and sees Spheruleus experimentating with rhythm in Electro Acoustic sound design. The tracks were created using deconstructed recordings that were chopped up and re-arranged as a sequence of one-shots. This includes recordings of acoustic instruments, lo-fi rhythms made from field recordings and dusty old vinyl samples. Through each ‘Periphere’ the soundtrack traverses endless flat landscapes as the widespread panoramic views unfold.