Danny Clay – Stills

Danny Clay’s ‘Stills’ was presented as a feature opportunity, coincidently, while I was listening to ‘ganymede’: an album previously released by Clay via Hibernate Records. ‘Stills’ presents the listener with a balance of warmth and rawness that highlights Clay’s ability to create an immersive experience amongst a patchwork of instrumental recordings and found sound. The album features Paula Karolak on viola, which appear in the fourth and tenth tracks (‘3.16.2016’ and ‘3.15.2016’ respectively), bringing unexpected but welcomed clarity amidst a hazy and warped soundscape. Instruments fade in and out of focus, inspiring feelings of nostalgia and remembrance. There is a sense of continuity throughout the album that I find soothing, instilling thoughts of an imaginary time and place long forgotten. Released on IIKKI Books as a limited edition book & vinyl in collaboration with Belgian multi-media artist, Katrien de Blauwe, the album is a deeply moving collection of cleverly crafted musical expressions that inspire thoughtful reflection. ‘10.30.2015 (II)’ draws a close to the album; a meandering loop of piano and voice that slowly flutters and modulates its way to a gentle close.