ICP021 Irregular Crates Podcast 021


Some of our more attentive readers may have noticed that there are some new ‘reviewers’ writing posts for us. This came about after we were tired of writing ‘we’ when there was only really one person writing! Not to mention, getting a few more people involved means we should be able to post up about more music. So, we thought we’d all get together to compile a mix of tracks in our playlists, as it’s been a while since there’s been a ‘podcast’ up on our Mixcloud account.

Our 21st podcast features roughly 20 minutes’ worth of tracks from each of our 4 writers (Harry, James, Edward and Luca) and it has been mixed using harmonic blending techniques, where possible. So it should make for a smoother listen than our usual podcasts for starters but also, this mix focuses more on Ambient genres than our usual hap-hazard ‘anything goes’ selections.
Our writers have a wide taste in music but all four lean more towards Ambient music in their own musical projects, one way or another, despite having a more varied listening taste.

The mix opens on a modern classical note, with the mighty Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson setting the tone. It goes on to traverse more electronic/Ambient territory with further hints of modern classical chamber music creeping into view from time to time. Things get a little noisier and murkier as time progresses and the introduction of subtle beats occurs towards the end of the set to build a sort of crescendo. The dying moments of the mix head towards the clouds with purer Ambient drones providing a lulling, quiet end.

01 Jóhann Jóhannsson – By the Roes, and by the Hinds of the Field
02 Dead Light – The Ballad of a Small Player
03 Will Samson – Père
04 Tim Linghaus – Rehearsing For Prague
05 Tsone – 1-800
06 Bethan Kellough – Vision
07 Snufmumriko – Chimera 0630
08 Guy Gelem – Shore
09 Danny Clay – 10.30.2015 (II)
10 Natalie Beridze – Black Spring
11 Twincities – the story of the world unbinding
12 Brambles – Petrichor
13 Tim Hecker – Violet Monumental I
14 Solo Andata – Miscible
15 Roly Porter – In Flight
16 Matt Christensen – In Force
17 Bas Van Huizen – Stoppermot
18 Ian William Craig – Drifting To Void On All Sides
19 Docetism – Rapture
20 You’re Me – Oot Re MI
21 Roger Goula – Cognitive Shift
22 Matschulat – Restraint
23 Havenaire – Brute Camp
24 L’eoscombu Couti – U-I
25 Slow Clinic – Remote
26 Easychord – Dogtooth

To introduce the writers, we’ve put together a brief fact-file on each – just click on the images below to find out more.