Eumig – Distant Spring

Nick Dawson, the Southend-on-Sea-based musician by the name of Eumig, returns to Courier (stylised ‘cou ri er’) with his latest EP, ‘Distant Spring’.

The EP bubbles to life, unfolding a grandiose haze of effects-drenched synthesized drones and evolving sonic textures. ‘Distant Spring Part 1’ is one of those tracks that seems to climb and climb; just as I would expect the building crescendo to reach its peak, it continues to grow and develop in its ferocity. There is no uncomfortable harshness or any sense that Eumig has lost control of his sound-making devices, but a well-thought and seamless development from the subtle to the extreme that doesn’t miss a step. Upon arriving at the point of gradual decline, following some eight minutes of climactic ascension, part 1 boldly dissipates into slowly opening chordal movements above noisy rustling, setting the course for ‘Distant Spring Part 2’.


The EP’s second, and slightly longer section utilizes repetition of the ongoing stabbed synth chords as deeper and warmer drones begin to rise up from the filtered depths. It this kind of constantly progressing approach to music that I find myself drawn to; I’d draw comparisons to the likes of Lofield, Loscil, Loeco… (I’m sensing a pattern), Biosphere, The Sight Below, and of course, William Basinski. The ability to create a constant state of interest through the gradual morphing of sparse elements is executed well by Eumig.


‘Distant Spring’ serves as a fantastic insight into the work of Nick Dawson under the moniker of Eumig. The EP appears live and human regardless of its synthetic sound source, guiding the listener in to feel the movements and progressions first hand.

‘Distant Spring’ sold out of physical copies quickly but remains available as a digital download via the Courier Bandcamp page.