ICL001: Spheruleus – The Possibility Of Loss

We decided to round of the first year of operation for Irregular Crates with our very first label release, a digital album from Spheruleus. It includes 6 bonus images, one for each track – taken by the artist in the Peak District, UK. Click on the player above to check it out or HERE

ICL001 | Spheruleus – The Possibility Of Loss

‘The Possibility of Loss’ is the eleventh Spheruleus album, a project that began back in 2009. It sees Harry depart his recent penchant for delicate pastoral sounds crafted from purer acoustic sources, in favour of a noisier drone based style. Clocking in at just over half an hour, the five recordings explore drone texture created from manipulated acoustic guitar recordings. These have been treated with tape delay effects and vintage techniques reminiscent of early Ambient material. The soundscapes are joined by layers of light noise, glitch, static and hiss made from treated field recordings.

The Possibility of Loss was composed during a stay away from home whilst undertaking occupational training. Accompanied by only a laptop and guitar, Harry spent long evenings manipulating recordings to create flowing, meditative drone textures intended as an antidote to the fear of loss or of the unknown. It was followed by early morning trips to the Peak District where the bonus image photographs were taken.

Spheruleus is the solo Experimental/Ambient moniker for UK artist Harry Towell. As well as recording beat-driven material as Magnofon, as part of The Frozen Vaults collective and one half of Paper Relics, Harry runs Warehouse Decay Recordings, Audio Gourmet and its sister label Tessellate Recordings.

released 18 December 2013
Written, produced and mastered by Harry Towell
Photography/editing by Harry Towell