Dustcraft – EP1

It’s been rather a while since we’ve been able to report of any new Warehouse Decay releases. Thankfully that is no longer the case as we post up about this beautiful but short Deep House EP from Dustcraft.

Some of our readers will be familiar with the work of The Green Kingdom; Electro-acoustic Ambient music by Detroit suburbanite Michael Cottone. Well this is his side-project and the debut Dustcraft release is entitled EP1. Living on the fringes of Detroit, it would be hard not to be inspired or influenced by their wonderful electronic music scene and the Deep House community is certainly well represented what with the likes of Theo Parrish, Moodymann and Rick Wade.

Mike’s Deep House material is certainly characterised by this sound with warm, organic loops but there is a languid feel which perhaps sends a nod towards his experience creating Ambient music. The EP opens with the short but sweet smoothness of Applez which draws to its close all too soon. Vinyl crackles and a sensitive use of reverb provide a perfect backdrop for the swathes of rhodes keys and percussion. Sewer Steam, the longest piece, was previously included on Warehouse Decay’s sampler CDr. More deep, lush chords and vibes set to a leisurely House groove and live sounding bass guitar. Finally, the guitar focused Lioness closes the record on a seriously chilled out note with synth keys, blurred brass and guitar loops combining to create a sun-drenched soundtrack

To check out EP1 click play above or HERE to visit the release page on Bandcamp.
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