Twincities – September Tapes


After an awful long time with little to report in terms of releases on the Audio Gourmet netlabel, we recently posted up about Ben Fleury-Steiner‘s ‘Passages’ which came out last month and a refresh for this label. Today, they’ve shown they mean business (that’s the business of giving away free Ambient EPs) by making Twincities‘ ‘September Tapes‘ available for free.

These 4 pieces are a collection of fractured lo-fi Ambient pieces put together using recordings from Fletcher McDermott‘s studio friend Jesse Asch who provided guitar material. This was then edited, manipulated and deconstructed by Fletcher and as a result we have a short EP worth of pieces typical of the Twincities sound. This incorporates techniques such as re-amping the material through vintage 50 year old tube amps and onto modern sound design techniques executed using a laptop.

The resulting efforts of this collaboration have resulted in an EP which is timed perfectly for the onset of Autumn and the colder months which lie ahead. The cover artwork is wonderfully evocative and you’ll soon realise that a mere press of the play button will lead to playing this 15 minute EP in its entirety.

To check out September Tapes, hit play above or HERE to visit the Audio Gourmet Bandcamp page