Wax Crate 003

The summer can’t really be that far away now – already into March and I can sense the nights getting longer will be upon us in no time at all. This has got me thinking that perhaps it won’t be quite as freezing in my garage, and I’ll be able to get mixing some vinyl again. Hopefully there’ll be a few more recorded mixes too!

So inevitable this has led to a few recent vinyl purchases to strengthen my record box, which I’ve outlined below. Like always, a lot of these items are extremely limited and sell out in no time at all.

Just click on the picture to be redirected to the relevant Juno page where you’ll be able to check out samples and purchase, if it’s still in stock!

Glenn Astro Max Graef

GLENN ASTRO & MAX GRAEF – M$01 [Money Sex]
At the top of the list and a reflex purchase is this special collaboration between man of the moment Max Graef and similarly talented Glenn Astro. In recent years, both these artists have carved out a reputation for providing dusty deep and jazzy grooves of the finest order. This excursion sees both artists join forces also to start off the Money Sex label and this first record is really something very special indeed. It opens out with the curious Cool Garage Band (Intro) then after that, it’s difficult to choose which of these jazz-dripping joints would be the best for the dancefloor or for home listening.

Next up is a split EP on German label Beste Modus which opens out with steaming, bumping Garage beats by Cinthie. The pick of the two Cinthie cuts would likely be Jaaam with jackin’ beats, keys and a seriously heavy bassline. On the flip, Ed Herbst takes things that bit deeper starting with Cityscape, yet the beats here are still kicking. This is a heads down, late night groove which is easily the stand-out track on this EP. When I’m In The Elevator closes this excursion with more warm vibing, recalling the late nineties/early two thousands House music era with the sort of stuff you might have heard on an NRK release or perhaps played by Terry Francis or Hipp E.

On the tip of that late nineties sound, this next EP from another German label Big Bait release a compilation EP in which the opening track features vocals you’ll recall from Simon Et Bolivard’s And I Know. If you’re still not with me, this one was included in Hipp E and Halo’s Fabric mix CD… Next is Biggie Calls by Joseph Tracker, which plays out a slow groove of cut up vibes and a bubbling bassline, complete with subtle spoken vocals. Then the stand out track by Georgi Barrel comes in on the flip, seriously warm and moody keys, a slow percussive beat and smooth languid sax licks. The EP closes with the quirkier sound of Hendrik Vogel which pits blipping synth beats and clips against warm treated guitar chords.

NachtbrakerNACHTBRAKER – YIWYA EP [Hudd Traxx]
Last but certainly not least is this EP from Dutch artist Nachtbraker who has released a few good EPs in recent years. Surely this would be his biggest, an EP on one of the best proper House music labels Hudd Traxx, featuring a remix from Borrowed Identity. Opening the EP is Zachtjes with a jazzy groove which will appeal to anyone who follows the chaps I mentioned earlier, Glenn Astro and Max Graef. Lots of vintage funk breaks, hints of sax and warm keys. Borrowed Identity cook it into a slightly more dancefloor friendly track, removing some of the moodiness from the keys and focussing more on those funk breaks and the sax. On the flip is a pair of more experimental cuts, starting with the slow and dischordant You Is What You Aint and rounded off with Overstappen which is more electronic thanks to the involvement of a more synth-based sound.