Polaroid Notes – The Long Bright Dark

We were recently alerted to a typically impromptu release by Audio Gourmet, in the form of this free 15 minute EP from German artist Polaroid Notes who also records as Kraut Sounds. The Long Bright Dark is a debut from the artist under the Polaroid Notes moniker which has been coined for experiments with atmospheric piano-based Ambient music. What’s more, it comes ahead of an imminent debut album from the artist entitled ‘Sea Shores‘ which will be made available as a physical edition on Audio Gourmet’s sister label Tessellate Recordings.

You can hit play above or download for free by clicking HERE

Press Release
“Polaroid Notes is a German artist who has lived near the Alps for the last 20 years. He has been playing experimental music since the eighties and since 2012 he began recording as Kraut Sounds. Already he has amassed a discography listing labels such as Adept, Spiel:feld and Büro für Erdrotation covering genres such as Dub Techno, Ambient and Kraut Electronic. Polaroid Notes is a fresh project heading into a new direction which lies somewhere between Ambient and Modern Classical. 

‘The Long Bright Dark’ is Polaroid Notes’ debut EP for Audio Gourmet, with four improvised piano-led tracks. The pieces traverse icy effects-drenched notes, subtle field recordings and swirling synth drones. The EP was recorded in a two day period just after Christmas 2014 and was inspired by a German book called ‘Atlas der abgelegenen Inseln’. This translates to Atlas Of Remote Islands in English and the book features 50 short stories accompanied with 50 maps of remote islands. The blurb reads ’50 islands, where I never was and never will be’ and is a fitting picture for your mind as you listen to ‘The Long Bright Dark’. Thoughts of vastness, despair transience and hope will flicker as you traverse this all too brief journey.
‘The Long Bright Dark’ precedes the full album ‘Sea Shores’ which is due out this spring on our sister label Tessellate Recordings. For now, enjoy this free introduction to Polaroid Notes”

released 04 April 2015

Written and produced by Polaroid Notes
Artwork by Polaroid Notes