DWIG – From Here To There


I was very disappointed to learn that I’ve been late in spotting this year’s new album release from DWIG (Die Wiese Im Garten). In 2013, Giegling put out ‘Forget The Pink Elephant’ which that year was to be one of our favourite records and already something that we’ve mentally filed in our ‘all time favourites’.

So, how can you refine upon perfection? ‘Forget The Pink Elephant’ is such a journey, such a melee of experimentation – surely creating a follow-up is to be a seriously daunting task?
Two years on, I’m relieved and delighted to report that somehow, DWIG has gone one better and made an absolute belter of an album, ‘From Here To There’. Every second is utter bliss – from the dusty tones of ‘Spring’, which perhaps recall the work of Ezekiel Honig onto the slow and sun-drenched Deep House of ‘True Story’ and then past a couple of real stand-out cuts – the jangling guitar and synths of ‘Cherrytree’ and the more alert jazziness of ‘Little Boy’. Five tracks in and you’ll be in love with this record already.

But there’s more – ‘Gentle Memories’ slows things back down, ‘Different Days’ deviates a little from the subtly loose Deep House beats to create something a little more broken. ‘Lost Telegram’ is the cut that leans most towards Deep House with the shuffling hats and deep, sub bass – there’s a minimal approach to production that reminds me of early Tom Ellis work. Things close with the strikingly beautiful moody chords and vocals of the title track – this may well become your favourite track after repeat listens, as you long for this album to go on forever. I can’t recommend this record enough

To check it out, click the image above or HERE
You may have to do some digging to find a copy – many places have sold out. Seek and you shall find!