End Of 2016: Best House Tracks


2016 has been another bumper year for House music, as the 90s resurgence continues to influence both the mainstream and underground dancefloor, as well as the woozybroken vintage sound a la Max Graef and then Nu-Disco edits also being gobbled up too. The difference in House when compared to other areas of experimental of electronic music, is that putting together a retrospective summary of a year means something completely different. House and Techno producers often tend to prefer EPs and remixes, usually 3-4 tracks on vinyl or as a digital release rather than long players. This means that we tend to think more about the quality of an EP package and place far more emphasis on individual tracks.

This is likely due to the DJ and dancefloor culture, as you wouldn’t play an entire album to an audience and I dare say a vast percentage of those who buy electronic dance music are DJs themselves, in some way… Indeed, there are still some landmark House and Techno albums out there from the last 20+ years but with 2016 near its close, we cast an eye back over the last year as we assemble a mix of our favourite tracks. We’ve purposely not done a chart for this one, so the CD length mix is assembled in a logical order based on genre.

The mix is perhaps best enjoyed in the evening and might lend itself to New Year’s Eve? – it begins with some chilled, low-slung Deep cuts from Laurence Guy, before delving through some impressive modern Disco House sounds. Half an hour in and the sound gets more dubby and tracky before shifting towards some Tech House and Garage influenced sounds.

01 Laurence Guy – Knotweed [Church]
02 Laurence Guy – Wish I Knew [Church]
03 Holiday 80 – Bez Tego I Owego [Whiskey Disco]
04 Hotmood –  Can You Dig It [Editorial]
05 Cisco Cisco – Jazzy Days (Ron Basejam Remix) [Apersonal Music]
06 Giovanni Damico – La Dame Et Le Conga [Faces]
07 Ainee/Graffen – Point Of View [Housewax]
08 Uffe – Jump Into [Tartelet]
09 Anthony Mea – Jazz 1605 [Large Music]
10 Lotche – Iny (Julien Guzz Remix) [Sure Cuts]
11 Peggy Gou – Day Without Yesterday [Phonica White]
12 Bas Roos – Midnight People [Exploited]
13 Chris Carrier – Feel Good Tonight [Robsoul]
14 Sakro – Buzzing Soul [Housewax]
15 Chris Stussy – The Road [PIV]
16 4004 – Guilt Is My Shadow [Quintessentials]
17 Chris Stussy – Do It 4 Love [Large Music]
18 DJ Lukas Wolf – Check My Heart (DD Project VibeMix) [High Pro-File Recordings]

To listen to the mix, click the image above or HERE to be taken to the Mixcloud page where you can stream it in full.