Adrian Corker – Raise

Adrian corker


An album I’ve been listening to an awful lot lately is ‘Raise’ by soundtrack artist Adrian Corker on Village Green. It’s definitely Modern Classical music in the obvious sense but there is a hint of jazz in there that just gives the record an extra edge. There’s a rich array of techniques and a varied palette of instrumentation that gives plenty of depth for the listener – at times there is the deep cello texture reminiscent of Hildur Gudnadottir which also sometimes evokes the work of Erik Skodvin too. Other times there are delicate and beautiful piano moments or warm nostalgic bursts of brass.

There is definitely an obvious cinematic approach to the production as Corker calls upon a host of musicians to help sketch out his vision. It remains without a clear concept so that the record becomes a soundtrack to your own day-to-day routine. Raise marks itself out clearly as a grand and sophisticated listen with the artist’s clear talent only too obvious. This is a real contender for many an end of year list and indeed, a potential all-time classic. It just needs to be listened to! Highly recommended.

Click on the image above to be taken to the release page or HERE. Alternatively, stream excerpts from the album via Experimedia’s Soundcloud preview below. If you wish to buy from Experimedia, click HERE