ARCHIVE006 Nest – Retold

The ever consistent Serein began releasing high quality physical albums in 2010, stepping up from their original operation as a netlabel. The first in their catalog at the time was the re-issue and adaptation of Nest’s self-titled netlabel EP from 2007 which for many, had already achieved ‘classic’ status. Serein label owner Huw Roberts spent much of 2009 revisiting the classic EP with Otto Totland, the other half of Nest who also records as part of Deaf Center.

The first six of the eleven tracks were on the original EP and the rest were created in the year prior to release with the production of an album in mind. The serene beauty of original tracks like Kyoto, Charlotte and the fantastic Trans Siberian are complimented by the murky, brooding depth to the newer works. Retold is an apt title for the physical adaptation for this project, as Nest’s original story is brought to life. It is so powerful in its effect that over the years, Retold now feels as if it were the main story.

You can check out this classic album by clicking play above or by clicking HERE to be taken direct to the release page. The physical version is sold out at source and did so quickly but the album is available digitally.