Maps and Diagrams – Alluvium


We were kindly sent the new one from prolific UK artist Tim Diagram, which is under his long-term solo project name Maps and Diagrams. His work has been released through Time Released Sound, Chemical Tapes, Audio Gourmet and Nomadic Kids Republic to name but a few. A common outlet for release is also Tim’s own Handstitched* label project which provides a steady stream of home-made editions under his various guises.

Most recently, there is the new Maps and Diagrams album ‘Alluvium’ which is a beautiful suite of warm Ambient music comprised of a generous 14 tracks. Tim works hard to supply us with regular new material and his work is never compromised. I have written many words about his work and each time I find myself thinking, is this his best work yet?

Alluvium is not too deep and dense, it’s not too light and breezy, not too sad. It’s not samey and rewards repeat plays. Stand out tracks include the absolutely stunning ‘Lias’ which could loop forever, woozy vintage sounding ‘Variolite’ and then the acoustic guitar and synth medley that is ‘Serpentine’.

The Maps and Diagrams sound pools the retro textures of various synths, tape delay and analog effects with noise and lo-fi goodness which swirls magically. There is nothing too dark nor serious to this sound, just warmth and a perpetual friendliness. The world of Maps and Diagrams is a pleasant one indeed and Alluvium in particular will become a trusted aural comfort blanket.

Unfortunately the physical editions sold out in a flash but you can check it out by hitting the play button above or by clicking HERE where you’ll be able to purchase the digital edition if you like what you hear.