Sustainer – Taps

Today Tessellate Recordings have released their 8th release and this is their fifth physical edition. The label has seen artist albums from Spheruleus, Felix Gebhard, VLNA, Polaroid Notes and now Sustainer as well as compilation material from many of the world’s finest modern Ambient artists, such as Offthesky, The Green Kingdom, Pleq and Damian Valles.

The label has seen packaging that has ranged from a simple printed card wallet, a digipack, envelope packaging with card photo prints and now a hand-stamped edition from Sustainer which features a beautiful vinyl-effect CDr.

The album itself is a liquid affair, with artist Alex Alarcon recording sounds in and around his house, then liquifying the tonal sounds of ceramics, crystals and various other objects. You can check out the album and pre-order above or by clicking HERE