Rzuma – Late Night Loops

There’s some truly exquisite Instrumental Hip Hop coming out of Germany these last couple of years and our latest discovery is right up there with the best. We happened upon Berliner Rzuma early this year and it appears that this artist has only recently become active under this moniker.

Late Night Loops‘ does exactly what it says on the tin, just a couple of euros will get you some dusty, sleepy downtempo loops perfect for afterhours. The record clocks in at around 9 minutes in its entirety but there is a generous 5 tracks as part of this EP or mini Beat Tape, if you prefer. The grooves here are moody and all absolutely right on the money in terms of production quality. It’s hard to pick a winner, as each of these pieces is so well made and they’re best enjoyed as a whole, in one (or many) sitting(s).